CPFF Rules

1. Each fight will last  3 rounds.

2. Each round 2-3 min’s long.

3. For Championship fights, 1 or 2 extra rounds can be fought if there is no clear winner after the standard 3 rounds. If after the extra rounds there is still no winner, the judges will decide based on overall damage, aggression and performance.

4. Championship fights cannot be a draw There will be 3 judges. Scoring will be done on a 10 point must system. With the winner of the round getting 10 points, the loser of the rounds getting 9 points or less. In the event of a round being a draw both fighters will be gjven 10 points.

5. Referee and Doctor have full authority to stop a fight if they feel any fighter’s health is in danger.

6. If a fighter is knocked down 3 times in a one round or 5 times 8n the full fight, the fighter will be given a mandatory Technical knockout defeat.

7. Mandatory 8 count is in effect.

8. Fighter can only be saved by the bell in the last round.

9. Any illegal strikes can result in, one of three things, warning, point being taken away or disqualification.
This is dependent on the severity of the offence and the intention. Decision will be made by the referee.