CPFF-38 | Doncaster
May 02nd | Doncaster Dome

It’s only January but CPFF chief Garry Bell is confident this is the announcement of the year already…

Bell and his team will be organising and promoting CPFF-38 at the renowned UKMAS event weekend on May 2nd & 3rd at The Doncaster Dome.

Saturday May 2nd will see CPFF host an evening of Professional, Semi-Professional and Amateur K1 style kickboxing in front of fight fans from around the country live in Doncaster.

The undercard will see fights from up and coming talents, alongside some bouts away from kickboxing such as full contact karate, Kung fu and Tae kwon do.

UKMAS sell this event out year in, year out and 2020 will be no exception.

Paul Barnet and Bob Sykes go all out in 2020 as the demonstrations flow, the meet and greet buzz and the venue will be alive with martial arts fans. With the event spread over 2 days and sectioned into zones for fans to explore we are confident you will have a weekend to remember.

With a list of guest attendees that will have fight fans itching for a ticket there is one that stands out for the 80s fights fans.

The legend Mohammad Qissi AKA the infamous Tong Po will be attending in person, for fans of action films such as Jean-Claude Van Dammes’ kickboxer and Bloodsport this really is the only place to be in May 2nd

Also in attendance to name a few are, Rob Taylor, Sandi Holt, Filmstar Silvio Simac and many many more

CPFF-38 will take place on the Saturday evening Inside the Doncaster Dome.

All fans attending CPFF-38 MUST purchase this ticket separately to your UKMAS ticket.

Head over to UKMAS and check out what the weekend has in store at